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This adorable set includes a fuzzy Barbie 3D Set with long, rainbow-colored hair, a rainbow daisy dress with a 3D floral print, and a matching headband. The dress features soft, fluffy petals that make it look like it's made of rainbows and daisies. The 3D Set also comes with a pair of rainbow shoes and a purse. This set is perfect for Barbie fans who love all things colorful and playful.



The fuzzy dress and headband are sure to make Barbie look her best, and the 3D floral print is both stylish and unique. The 3D Set also comes with a variety of accessories, so she can be dressed up for any occasion. This set is a great way to add a touch of playfulness to any Barbie collection. It's sure to be a favorite among Barbie fans of all ages.




  • Fuzzy Barbie doll with long, rainbow-colored hair
  • Rainbow daisy dress with 3D floral print
  • Matching headband
  • Rainbow shoes
  • Purse

Rainbow Daisy Fuzzy 3D Set (2 Pices)

Color: Rainbow
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