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Do you like to wear a beautiful and comfortable short-top dress? Elevate your style to dazzling heights with our Women Hand Stitched Sequin Set Dress - Neon Lime, a celebration of vivacity and glamour. This dress is a true testament to artistry, with every sequin meticulously hand-stitched to create a mesmerizing display of neon lime radiance. 


The vibrant hue commands attention and exudes confidence, making you the star of any occasion. The figure-hugging silhouette enhances your curves, while the comfortable fabric ensures a seamless fit. Whether you're gracing a gala, cocktail party, or a night of celebration, this dress will undoubtedly make you the center of admiration, embodying a radiant charm that captivates all eyes.




  • Ethereal Handcrafted Elegance
  • Mesmerizing Violet Hues
  • Flattering Figure-Flaunting Silhouette
  • Luxurious Comfortable Fabric
  • Versatile Enchanting Occasion Wear

2 PicesHand Stitched Sequin Set- Neon Lime

Color: Green
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